12 Best Diabetic Meal Replacement Shakes & Nutrition Drinks

12 Best Diabetic Meal Replacement Shakes & Nutrition Drinks


Last Updated on October, 2022

Like protein shakes or protein powders, meal replacement shakes are all the rage lately. Despite that, however, it’s pretty tricky to find a good option when it comes to these shakes. The search is even more difficult for those that have diabetes.

But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any good options out there for you or others affected by this disease. Like a good quality protein shake, you can find suitable meal replacements for people with diabetes too, if you know where to look.

If you’re looking to get a high-quality meal replacement shake that can help with diabetes management, continue reading. We’ve prepared a list of the best meal replacement shakes for diabetics out there that you can try out. 

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Instant Knockout
Instant Knockout




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12 of the Best Meal Replacement Shakes for Diabetics

1. Instant Knockout Complete

Our first and top pick of the bunch is Instant Knockout Complete. It is a said meal replacement shake for people with diabetes. 

Everything a person with diabetes wants in terms of nutrition is present in this shake. 

Let’s go through them one by one. For starters, there’s 35g Protein; this is great as protein has the ability to lower blood glucose and improve overall glucose control. Next, there are the nutrients; there are 26 essential ones here, all of which include iron, calcium, potassium, and vitamins A, C, D, E, and K. Worth noting that this is basically a 100% nutritionally complete meal replacement shake.

Instant Knockout

One significant thing about the Instant Knockout Complete is its sugar content; you’re looking at just 3g here with 0g added sugar. This is huge for individuals with diabetes.

Many people going through diabetes tend to have binge eating habits as well. Thanks to the number of calories (400 per serving) present. This can help with those and can keep you full for hours.

BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) are also available in this meal shake. This can promote muscle growth. The shake contains golden flax seed, a good dietary fiber source, and contains Omega-3 fatty acids. The dietary fiber can help with digestion, weight management, lowering cholesterol, and controlling blood sugar.

Omega-3 fatty acids, on the other hand, are great for heart health. Apart from all this, this meal replacement shake has; 13g of fat and 35g of carbs. 

Taste is also a place where Instant Knockout Complete shines; there’s no problem here. However, you’re given just one flavor option (vanilla) with this shake. So if you want variety, this news might be a bummer.


Only 3g of sugar
A good amount of proteins
Packed with essential vitamins and minerals
Can be prepared in just 30 minutes
Super filling


Just one flavor

2. Garden of Life Raw Organic Fit Powder

Another balanced option that’s great for diabetics is Garden of Life’s Raw Organic Fit Powder. One of the main reasons this is so good is because it helps people going through diabetes in every way they need.

For example, the shake is formulated with 44 superfoods and comes with many prebiotics that can help your body digest things better. The Raw Organic meal also comes with less than a single gram of sugar per serving. 

Garden of Life Raw Organic

There are also 6g of dietary fiber and an impressive 20g of plant-based protein. It comes only in vanilla flavor. It’s also gluten-free, dairy-free, and comes with entirely natural ingredients. It’s Non-GMO certified, which many people will be happy to hear.

A single scoop holds only 130 calories. If you’re looking to use this nutritional drink as a full meal, you’ll have to add two scoops of the powder. Otherwise, it’s a very low-calorie shake that won’t be able to satisfy your needs. 


Less than a single gram of sugar
Free of both gluten and dairy
Non-GMO certified


Only available in vanilla flavor

3. Glucerna Shake

One of the best options out there for any diabetic looking to make meal replacement shakes a part of their healthy diet is the Glucerna Shake. It has all the nutritional value you could need while providing all sorts of benefits that can help your body in various ways.

For starters, one of the best things about Glucerna meal replacement shakes is that they come in lots of variety. There are chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate caramel, and butter pecan options, meaning there are a total of 5 flavors.

Glucerna Shake

As for the nutritional value, there’s 10-12g of protein per scoop in this meal replacement shake. Along with that, there’s only4g of sugar, 4g of fiber, and around 140-180 calories per scoop. Making a shake with two scoops of this gets you all the necessary nutrients.

With all of these, you’ll get Vitamins A, C, D, and E along with zinc as well. It’s a great meal replacement in terms of flavor and nutritional value, and it ticks all the boxes for diabetic patients.


Comes in 5 tasty flavors
Ideal nutritional value for diabetics
Affordable option


Not safe for lactose-intolerant people

4. 310 Shake

Weight loss and managing your blood sugar are essential things for any diabetic. That’s precisely why the 310 Shake is one of the highest names on our list. It’s perfect for both items, featuring 15g of plant-based protein and 5g of fiber.

It’s a very healthy shake that’s free of any GMO, gluten, or soy. It’s also available in a whopping 15 flavors. Even if you’re a picky eater, there’s more than enough variety here to sate your needs. None of these flavors use sweeteners other than natural sugar either.

310 Shakes

The only big downside of this shake is that it has only 90 calories per scoop. If you’re looking to get a healthy snack, this isn’t exactly a disadvantage. But, those that want to replace entire meals will have to look for some other options that we’ve mentioned in the list.

Other than that, it’s also enriched with superfoods and vitamins, which help your body’s immunity and various other functions. Just mix a scoop or two of the powder with any fluid of your choice and drink it for all these benefits. It’s that simple.


15 different flavors
Perfect light and healthy snack
Non-GMO, no gluten, or soy


Not fit for replacing an entire meal
Somewhat expensive given the serving size

5. Atkins Gluten Free Protein-Rich Shake

The Atkins Gluten Free Protein-Rich Shake comes with a low amount of carbs paired with 5g of fiber and 15g of protein. There’s only a single gram of sugar in this gluten-free shake, which makes things even better for diabetics to help them control blood sugar.

It’s one of the best shakes for low-carb diets because of its low net carbs. It can help you lose weight while ensuring your body gets all the essential nutrients it needs. There are also only 160 calories per serving.


This product comes ready-made. You don’t have to prepare it in any way. Just pick a pack from the container and drink one. There are 12 of these packs, and they come at an affordable price. It comes in 4 varied flavors

These favors include both milk and dark chocolate and strawberry and vanilla. The only problem is that you can’t add your ingredients to this. No additional sources of protein or any other thing of the sort. This also means there’s no way to add to the low-calorie intake.


A healthy snack for diabetics
Convenient shake for those always on the go
Only a single gram of sugar


You can’t add your own ingredients
Calories are too low for replacing full meals

6. Slimfast Diabetic Weight Loss

Another excellent option for diabetics is the Slimfast Diabetic Weight Loss shake. As the name suggests, this meal replacement shake is made with the needs of those who have diabetes kept in mind. It’s perfect for helping their bodies function, lose weight, and control blood sugar.

That said, it comes with 11g of protein and an impressive 10g of fiber, including prebiotic fibers. There’s zero added sugar in these nutritional shakes, and each scoop holds around 100 calories.

Slimfast Diabetic Weight Loss

It features Vitamins A, C, D, E, and other healthy nutrients like zinc. It’s a great shake for those that want to keep themselves fit. You’ll also find it in two different flavors, including chocolate and vanilla.

A good thing about these nutritional supplements is that they offer a lot of variety. You can add them to various recipes to create a healthy snack or meal replacement that will give you nutrients while keeping your blood sugar level in check.


Great selection of vitamins and minerals
No additional sugar content
Can be prepared in various ways


Not enough calories for replacing full meals
Only available in two flavors

7. Fit & Lean Fat Burning Meal Replacement

The best meal replacement shakes are always made with natural ingredients that hold much nutritional value. That’s the case for the Fit & Lean Fat Burning Meal Replacement, which is excellent for diabetics.

For starters, it contains an impressive 20g of protein. Paired with 150 calories per serving and 10g of dietary fiber, this shake can help you cut down on excess weight and help control blood glucose levels. There isn’t any added sugar in it either.

Fit Lean Fat Burning Meal Replacement

Despite it being an organic shake with no extra sugar, it comes in 6 great flavors. These include strawberry, vanilla, cookies and cream, and more. There are millions of probiotics, 28 whole fruits and vegetables, and 26 vitamins and minerals.

Overall, it’s a great shake that features all you need to cut down on weight during diabetes and boost glucose control in your body. It also doesn’t feature any gluten, which is a good bonus.


A perfect blend of nutrients for diabetics
Can be used as a snack or a full meal


It contains caffeine, which some might not like

8. Almased Meal Replacement Shake

Another good option is the Almased Meal Replacement Shake, an all-natural shake with many benefits. First of all, it is one of the best options for those that want lots of protein. It offers around 27g of protein, but it also comes with 15g of carbs.

It’s excellent at keeping you full and helping you cut down on weight. There are no artificial flavors involved, and neither are any additional sugars, preservatives, gluten, or GMO, which means this shake will help you control your blood sugar. 


It supports healthy metabolism and comes with ingredients that can help you lose weight during diabetes. The only problem is that the primary source of protein is soy. While protein from soy is good, too much of it can cause limitations with amino acids in the body. 

Moving on, it also comes with 230 calories per serving. It’s a great shake that can help you deal with bad eating habits. If you’re someone that eats unhealthy snacks often, just drink this. It’ll keep your appetite sated and prevent you from doing that.


High calories keep your hunger sated
Ideal for weight loss in diabetes
No GMO, gluten, artificial ingredients, etc


You cannot use it as a snack
Too much soy protein can cause issues

9. ALOHA Plant-Based Protein Powder

Next is a protein shake that makes for a decent meal replacement for diabetics. The ALOHA Plant-Based Protein Powder comes with a lot of nutritional value. This includes 130 calories per serving and 18g protein.

Along with those, you’ll find 5g of sugar and around 5g of fiber. All of this comes in delicious vanilla or chocolate flavored package. That means there are only two available flavors. As the name suggests, all of the protein inside comes from plant-based sources.

ALOHA Plant Based Protein

There’s protein from peas, pumpkin seed, and many other natural, healthy ingredients. It also has MCT-rich coconut oil, which is another bonus.

You can rest assured knowing it’s Non-GMO and Certified USDA organic for additional details. There’s also no gluten, soy, sugar alcohols, or dairy. It’s a safe option for diabetics to fulfill their needs while maintaining their blood glucose levels.


Good as a snack and full meal replacement
Certified USDA organic
No dairy, soy, or gluten


Only available in two flavors
Comes in small containers

10. Lyfefuel Vegan Meal Replacement

Finding the right meal shake is already hard when you’re diabetic. But, it becomes even harder when you’re a vegan too. Luckily, there are still some good options out there for those struggling with this. The Lyfefuel Vegan Meal Replacement is one of those options.

In a single scoop, it holds all kinds of nutrients. This includes several vitamins, calcium, various minerals, zinc, and much more. There are also 110 calories per serving and 18g of protein to go along with it.There’s alsoonly 3g of sugar and only 1g fiber.

Lyfefuel Vegan Meal

Just because it’s all-natural and completely vegan-friendly doesn’t mean you have to worry about any sacrifices in taste. It comes in only two flavors, chocolate and vanilla. Both of these are delicious in their way and offer all the nutritional value we mentioned.

There are many super greens, digestive enzymes, probiotics, and antioxidants in the shake. These help your body perform specific functions better and support healthy weight loss. 


A perfectly healthy snack for diabetics
Features an ideal blend of various nutrients
Completely vegan friendly


Only two flavor options available
Only a single gram of dietary fiber

11. IDLife Meal Replacement

The IDLife Meal Replacement supplement is one of the simplest options on this entire list. That’s because it features only a few main ingredients compared to other options. These ingredients include milled chia seeds, whey protein, and more.

A single scoop can offer many nutrients you need for healthily losing weight during diabetes while controlling your blood sugar. For example, there are 150 calories per scoop. On top of this, you’ll find an impressive 26g of protein. There’s also 3g of dietary fiber and 4g of sugar.

IDLife Meal Replacement

Another good thing about its nutritional facts is that it includes Vitamin D, iron, and calcium. Diabetes can cause many issues with our bones, but these nutrients can help us deal with them efficiently.

It’s a good meal replacement shake that comes in two flavors, chocolate and vanilla. It doesn’t have any soy, gluten, casein, GMOs, or other potentially harmful additions. So, it’s a healthy option that helps with losing weight and keeping hunger away.


Excellent source of protein
Helps against weak bones


Only two flavors are available

12. OWYN

Up last is another good option that diabetics can try if they’re looking for suitable meal replacement shakes. This supplement is another convenient, pre-made shake that you can take with you anywhere.

If you’re usually busy, it’s a great way to get an entire meal’s worth of nutrients inside your body without having to waste time preparing food and eating it. There are 300 calories per bottle. You’ll also find 5g sugar and 3g dietary fiber in these bottles.


There’s also 20g of protein, which is excellent for weight loss and building muscles. It includes all kinds of vitamins, zinc, calcium, and various other nutrients which keep you going throughout the day. It comes in two flavors, one of which is chocolate and chai.

You don’t have to worry about any of the preparation or math. All the nutritional facts are there, and the shake is ready-made. You can just grab a bottle and drink when it’s time. The only downside is that you can’t add any personal ingredients.


Convenient shake that’s always ready
Comes in a unique chai flavor
Great for weight management and loss


You can’t add anything extra
Only a total of two flavors

Things to Look Out for When Buying Meal Replacements for Diabetics

Ample meal replacement shake with fruits

Now that you know about the best meal replacement shakes for diabetics out there, it’s vital that you also learn how to find the very best of the bunch. There are lots of things to look out for when buying meal replacements. 

Here’s a brief overview of what some of these things are:

  • The most obvious thing first, there should be a low amount of sugar. Anything over 9g of sugar per serving is unacceptable for most people that suffer from this disease. Sugar alcohols might cause stomach problems, so watch out for those.
  • Lots of people say that artificial sweeteners are better for those with diabetes. This is true when you compare them with sugar. However, consuming artificial flavors and sweeteners regularly may cause other issues. That’s why you should avoid these in your shake.
  • Find the right kind of carbs. Ensure that your shake doesn’t have too many carbohydrates and mainly features high glycemic carbs. These are great for people with diabetes because they prevent blood sugar spikes.
  • Since losing weight is one of the main priorities for diabetics, the meal replacements you get must not have too many calories. Around 300-400 calories per servingshould be enough.
  • A good meal replacement shake for diabetics will always have many essential nutrients. This includes high protein, vitamins, fiber, minerals, and more. Whey protein, plant protein, and soy protein are perfect additions. Pea protein might cause issues, so avoid that.

Can They Help You Lose Weight?

Girl Drinking Meal Replacement Shake

Weight loss is an issue that’s sensitive for many people. But, it’s sensitive and essential for all those who have diabetes. Gaining weight is a widespread symptom of the disease. Weight gain can lead to issues that could completely ruin your health.

Fighting against this is one of the best ways to combat the adverse effects of diabetes. If you manage your diet right and stay fit while losing weight, it’ll be highly beneficial to your body. That’s because all of this will significantly reduce the chances of major complications.

You’ll be less prone to getting tired quickly, and losing weight will help you control your diabetes too. Those that have type 2 diabetes might even go into remission. This is an excellent thing for those that constantly have high blood sugar levels and want to avoid blood sugar spikes. (1)

The problem is that weight loss during diabetes is difficult to achieve. That’s what the best meal replacement shakes can help you with. 

Since a meal replacement shake has relatively fewer calories than your average healthy meal, they make weight management more manageable, making diabetes management more effortless.

As they have lots of healthy fats and essential nutrients, a meal replacement shake is great for positive weight loss. As there are tons of ideal replacement shakes for diabetics out there, It’s much better to lose weight with these as other diets could cause issues with blood sugar management and spikes.

Are Meal Replacement Shakes Safe for Diabetics?

By this point, the answer to this question should be obvious. For those that are worried, though, the answer is yes

Meal replacement shakes are entirely safe for diabetics. There’s nothing you have to worry about while making a meal replacement shake a part of your diet if you suffer from the disease.

As long as you get the right kind of shake and drink them safely, there’s nothing you’ll have to worry about. That said, not many people are sure how to drink them safely in the first place. 

If you’re one of these people and want to learn, here’s how to make sure that meal replacement shakes are safe for people with diabetes.

If this information isn’t enough for you and you want to know more about this topic, I suggest you check out this article here.

How to Drink Meal Shakes Safely?

A Girl Having meal replacement shake

The first step is to ensure that whatever meal replacement shake you choose falls under the mentioned requirements. Once that’s done, the next step is deciding the correct quantity. We recommend a single replacement shake or two at most per day.

Anything more than this might end up causing issues with your diabetes management and result in serious problems. That’s because they have low calories and won’t give you all the nutrients that you’d get from eating other meals along with them.

Additionally, we recommend keeping your ingredients in check. Many people add some elements into the meal shake or have a light snack with it. While there’s nothing wrong with this, we recommend ensuring that these extra things won’t make the shake terrible for your diabetes.

Once you do all of this, there’s not much more to worry about! Any meal replacement shakes should be safe for diabetics as long as they follow these tips and stick by them.


That’s all we have to share about meal replacement shakes and how you can use them for diabetes. If you’re suffering from the disease, you have nothing to worry about while taking these. They’re safe and can be good for you because of all the things we’ve already discussed.

Our list above tells you which ones are the best, so make sure to read them thoroughly and decide which one suits you. Our number one choice is Instant Knockout Complete. It’s a well-balanced supplement and one of the best replacement shakes for diabetics because of its nutritional value.

We hope our list was able to help you out and that you make the right choice choosing from our list. Just make sure you keep all of our advice in mind while purchasing and consuming these shakes, and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Instant Knockout
Instant Knockout
Ingredient quality




Overall Score


A good amount of proteins
Packed with essential vitamins and minerals
Super filling. Will keep you full for at least 4 hours
Get the BEST PRICE until the end of October
Just one flavor


  1. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7389484/

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