10 Best Premade & Ready to Drink Meal Replacement Shakes

10 Best Premade & Ready to Drink Meal Replacement Shakes


Last Updated on October, 2022

For those who aren’t entirely familiar, a meal replacement shake is a nutrition-based supplement. It’s a filling drink that you can use to replace a full meal while getting essential vitamins and minerals and other nutritional benefits.

These supplements are an ideal and convenient source of all the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy. Speaking of convenience, many of them are available in the ready-to-drink form. RTD means that you can buy a pack of them and drink one serving whenever you like.

But, finding a good meal shake can be harder than it sounds. That’s why we’ve conducted some research and real-life testing to develop a list of the best ready to drink meal replacement shakes based on qualities and the benefits they offer.

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Listing the 10 Best Ready to Drink Meal Replacements

1. Sated

Sated is one of the biggest and most trustable brands in the business regarding meal replacements, and with good reason. This shakes offers some of the most high-quality ready-to-drink meal replacement shakes in the market. And that’s precisely why we’ll be starting off our list with it.

The shake was made for keto dieters, but anyone can use it because it contains all the essentials needed to replace a complete meal. 

The perfect blend of the macronutrients present here can help stay full for hours, leaving hunger in the dark.


Speaking of macronutrients, there are only 1.5 net carbs accompanied by 18 grams of protein,6g of fiber,35g of fat, and there’s no sugar whatsoever.

There are also 400 calories, great if you’re to lose weight. Essential omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids are also present. Both of these have great benefits, take omega 3, for example; it can improve eye, bone, and joint health. 

Omega 6, on the other hand, can help maintain bone health along with some other noticeable benefits such as regulating metabolism.

Apart from that, prebiotics are also present. These can effortlessly help with digestive problems. The inclusion of MCT oil along with zero sugar is a major plus for people with diabetes because MCT oil is known to aid in managing diabetes.

To make meal replacement shakes tastier, many companies have started adding artificial sweeteners. While this might not be a huge problem for some, it’s not good in the long run. That said, Sated is an option that’s completely free of everything artificial. 

It’s an all-natural ready-to-drink meal replacement shake that anyone except for people with lactose intolerance can give a shot. Because Sated contains milk, this makes this option non-dairy-free. Plus, it’s not suitable for vegans too. 

However, it’s Non-GMO and Gluten Free which is an advantage. 

You won’t be disappointed in the tasting department too. Sated tastes brilliant, but the downside is that it contains only one flavor, and that is the chocolate. So yeah, there are some downsides, but none of those outwits the major advantages of this shake. Plus, it’s one of the best options out there for anyone with diabetes and offers lots of nutrition.


Convenience at its best. You can replace a whole meal on the go
Ideal option for keto dieters
No sugar whatsoever
Non-GMO and Gluten Free
Free of everything artificial


Not safe for those with lactose-intolerance
Just one flavor

2. Kate Farms Komplete Meal

Second on this list of the best ready-to-drink meal replacements is the Kate Farms Komplete Meal.

This pre-made meal replacement shake is some of the best for versatility. Not only do they offer lots of nutrition, but they’re also friendly with most diets. That’s because it’s a plant-based supplement featuring vegan protein content and ingredients.

If you want a meal replacement shake that has none of the common allergens, this is something to keep an eye on. 

Kate Farms Nutrition Shake

The Komplete Meal is made without dairy, soy, corn, gluten, and nuts. And on top of all this, the shake is certified USDA organic.

When it comes to meal replacements, most do not contain phytonutrients, but this one does. Phytonutrients here are extracted from kale and broccoli. It contains antioxidant properties that prevent damage to cells throughout the body. 

Plus, nutrition-wise, this is one of the best out there. There’s 16g of pea protein; this makes the shake easily digestible. Also, it can help with muscle building if you’re into it. 

Along with those, there are 38g of carbs, 18g of sugars, and 5g of dietary fiber. All of this makes sure to keep you full for longer. 

If you’re skeptical about artificial ingredients, I’m happy to report that Kate Farms Komplete Meal comes without any artificial sweeteners, ingredients, or colors. However, that does not take a toll taste-wise. 

You’ll have no problems with the taste of this shake because it’s so good. Unlike Sated, which only has one flavor, this one has three; vanilla, chocolate, and coffee. 

Worth noting that vanilla has two calorie options. One is 455 calories per serving, while the other has 325 calories per serving. Chocolate and coffee both have the same amount, which is 325 calories. It’s up to you to decide which one to go with. 

The only real downside to this shake is its amount of sugar. It contains 18 grams, which might be a little too high for some. But, apart from that, there’s nothing to report. As you can see, it’s a complete package.


Free of most major allergens
The ideal amount of calories for replacing meals
Non-GMO and certified USDA organic
Contains phytonutrients


Has a bit too much sugar for some people

3. Soylent

At this point everyone knows Soylent. Probably one of the oldest of this bunch. Soylent has been in the industry for a while and is known very well for consistently providing meal replacements with great taste along with healthy ingredients. 

This shake is mostly comparable to the Komplete Meal. That means it’s completely plant-based.

That makes it completely vegan-friendly. On top of that, it has no nuts, dairy, or gluten.

Soylent Meal

That makes it one of the safest options for people since it lacks nearly all major allergens. It also has a low glycaemic index, making it ideal for diabetics.

Soylent meal replacement shake has soy and sucralose, an artificial sweetener. If you’re okay with their inclusion, this is one of the best options out there. It comes in 8 delicious flavors, including mint chocolate, banana, mocha, and more.

As for nutritional value, it offers 400 calories, which is ideal for replacing one complete meal. There are also 20 grams of soy protein36g of carbs24g total fat, and only a single gram of total sugars.


Vegan friendly and lacks most allergens
The ideal amount of calories for replacing meals
Available in 8 varying flavors


Features soy and sucralose

4. Orgain Organic Nutritional Shake

Orgain Organic nutrition shakes are USDA-certified organic and come loaded with essential nutrients. Not only that, but it’s also one of the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss. It’s gluten-free and soy-free. It doesn’t have GMOs either. But it contains milk, so it’s not vegan-friendly.

There are only 250calories, which is just about enough to make it suitable as both a filling snack until your next meal or a light meal replacement. On top of that, there’s only 7g of fat, which further supports weight loss goals. You’ll also find 16g of grass-fed milk protein.

Orgain Organic

Since Orgain focuses on providing healthy, completely natural products, there aren’t any artificial sweeteners or flavors. But, there are 12 grams of sugar, including 11g of added sugars. There are also 32g carbohydrates which include only 1g dietary fiber.

Because of this, it’s not a good option for anyone on a low-carb diet. As for the flavors, there are four options available. This includes creamy chocolate fudge, iced mocha, sweet vanilla bean, and strawberry & cream. There’s more than enough variety to satisfy your tastebuds!


Very clean, healthy, and completely organic option
Certified USDA organic
All four flavors taste delicious


Includes milk, meaning it’s not okay for vegans or those with lactose-intolerance

5. YFood Original

One of the best options for those new to meal replacement shakes is the YFood Original shake. It’s convenient, provides several benefits, and can even act as a ready-to-drink protein shake. That’s because it features 33 grams of protein.

It’s one of the most filling shakes. It offers 500 calories per bottle. On top of that, it also has lots of dietary fiber along with 26 different vitamins and minerals.

There isn’t any added sugar either. Plus, each shake is gluten-free and has no artificial flavors. It does include milk protein but remains lactose-free as its amount is 0.01g per 100g of liquid. On top of all this, it’s a relatively affordable option too, meaning you don’t have to set aside a huge budget for it.

It’s also available in lots of variety, with eight flavors. These include cold brew coffee, crazy coconut, happy banana, and more. For us, the fresh berry and salted caramel flavors taste especially delicious, and there are more than enough options to make sure you never get bored.


Lots of protein for weight loss and muscle gain
A more affordable option
Available in a wide range of great flavors


Some might not like the use of milk protein

6. Ample

Ample is one of the well-known companies in the meal replacement shakes department. They’ve been masters for years in providing meal replacements for individuals with different needs. And the good news is all of them are ready to drink. 

Their shakes are made from real food ingredients and are loaded with antioxidants, prebiotics, probiotics, whey protein, and healthy nutrition. It’s non-GMO, and there are no soy or artificial ingredients. It’s also gluten-free and includes many vitamins and minerals.

Ample original

As mentioned above, one of the best things about these shakes from Ample is that there are options for everybody. There’s Ample O, which is the original flavor and suitable for most people. There’s Ample V, which is specifically for vegans. And lastly, there’s Ample K, which is for keto dieters.

Depending on which one suits your needs and diet, you can choose the Ample meal replacement shake you like best. Keep in mind that their nutritional value might differ depending on the specific option in question.

One of the best things about Ample is how reliable it is. On top of all the nutrition and variety it offers, there are also three different flavors. These include berry, chocolate, and vanilla. All three taste delicious, and there’s even a 30-day money-back guarantee for those that don’t like it.


Enough variety for everyone’s needs
One of the best-tasting options out there
Features a 30-day money-back guarantee
Has lots of nutrition, probiotics, and prebiotics


It’s expensive compared to others

7. OWYN Meal Replacement Shakes

Ideal to help you lose weight, OWYN is one of the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss. This vegan-friendly shake comes with 35 mg of caffeine. You can either take it as breakfast or drink it before or after the workout.

OWYN is free from most major allergens as it is soy-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and does not contain any peanuts, eggs, and other allergens. There are no artificial ingredients or colors in this shake. OWYN has low sugar content as there is 5g of organic cane sugar.

The shake’s nutritional value is exceptional. There are 300 calories in each serving, along with 20g of plant-based protein that features all nine essential amino acids. OWYN also contains 23 vitamins and minerals, making it one of the healthiest options.

Flavor variety might be a problem for some as this RTD shake comes in just one Chai flavor.


Non-GMO. Free from all allergens and artificial ingredients
Excellent nutritional value
Great for weight loss


Comes in just one flavor

8. Premier Protein Shake

Premier Protein Shake is the perfect fit for chocolate lovers. This RTD shake is one of the best meal replacement shakes in taste. It has been awarded for its superior taste.

The shake’s nutritional value is also amazing, along with its excellent taste. There is 30g of protein in each serving, and it also includes all amino acids. Depending on your needs, you can easily use it as either a midday snack or as a post-workout shake. You’ll have 13 flavors to choose from, including pumpkin spice, cinnamon roll, café latte, and more.

Premier Protein

There are only 160 calories in each serving, along with 5g net carbs and 1g of sugar. Apart from that, this shake is also gluten-free and soy-free. It also has its health benefits as it contains 24 vitamins and minerals to aid your immune system and make your bones stronger.


The taste is really good
Good nutritional value and has numerous health benefits


Not the best of options to lose weight
Contains artificial ingredients that some might not prefer

9. Mana Drink – Plant Based Meal Replacement

Mana Drink is a good option for anyone looking to reduce calories in their diet and get additional protein at the same time. It’s a filling shake that comes in 2 flavors. These include chocolate and an origin flavor, which features a vanilla-like taste.

The nutritional value is suitable for most. There are 330 calories per container. That’s enough to replace a full meal and keep you full for a while without making you worry about gaining weight. There are also 17 grams of protein content, 32.4g carbs, and 6.5g total sugar.

It’s loaded with healthy ingredients. That includes Omega-3s and 6s, along with 38 vitamins and minerals. It’s also 100% vegan, but it does include soy and nuts. The shake also has a low GI of 29, which many people will love to hear.


Nice option for weight loss and fitness
Includes all kinds of nutritional benefits
Completely vegan and has a low glycemic index


The shake is a little too thick and salty
Also has nuts and soy

10. SlimFast Advanced Nutrition Shake

Lastly, we have the SlimFast Advanced nutrition shake, which comes with everything you need to stay fresh and energetic on the go. It’s a simple but nutritional meal replacement with balanced nutrition.

There’s 20g of protein, 5g fiber, only 7g total carbs, and a single gram of sugar. This makes it a good option for most people on a keto diet and for those that have diabetes as well. There are only 180 calories per serving, so keep that in mind while replacing meals.

SlimFast Advanced Energy

It is lactose and gluten-free and includes 24 essential vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin D. It’s also available in 4 tasty flavors. These include creamy chocolate, orange, vanilla, and strawberry flavors.


Well-balanced nutritional value
All flavors taste distinct and delicious
Only a single gram of sugar


A little low on the calories
Contains both milk and soy

Helping You Choose the Best RTD Meal Replacement Shake

You now know which ready-to-drink meal replacement shakes are the best. But, that knowledge isn’t worth much unless you also know how to choose the best one for yourself. So, for those that don’t know, we’ll be helping out with just that.

Keep reading to learn more about the most important details of choosing a meal replacement shake:

Nutritional Value

The first and one of the most important things to keep watch for is the nutritional value of these shakes. With a meal replacement or protein powder, you can mix it in with other ingredients for additional nutrition. But, that’s not an option with these kinds of shakes.

Since they’re already prepared, that means you can’t add ingredients of your own into the bottle to adjust the nutrition your shake offers you. That’s why the best meal replacement shake will always provide you with exactly the nutrition you need without any trouble.

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Protein Intake

Nutrition is generally very important. But, arguably, the most important ingredient of all that protein shakes and meal replacement shakes have to offer is protein. That’s because these supplements are mainly used for fitness, and there’s no better nutrient for that than protein.

It helps the body manage weight and helps you build muscles or maintain them. If you want to drink these shakes for weight loss, make sure that it has adequate protein. Consuming more protein while exercising is one of the best ways to shed pounds.

Additionally, keep in mind what kind of protein is being used. Soy protein, whey protein, pea protein, etc., are just some of the most common types. Some of these may not be suitable for your body, which is why you should do more research and decide which one works best for you.

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Another thing to be wary of is the ingredients being used. In many cases, there are a lot of artificial sweeteners and other harmful ingredients in the shake. These can cause diseases or even allergic reactions in some people’s bodies. 

That’s why you should be very careful when researching the ingredients. Make sure that there aren’t any allergens that might affect you. Since artificial sweeteners are so bad for you if you consume them regularly, make sure the shake doesn’t have any of those either. (1)

You can also consider the following meal replacement shakes without any artificial sweeteners here!


Often, pre-made shakes like these tend to be very overpriced for no reason. What’s worse is that they tend to run out quicker than powdered meal replacements. You should make sure that your choice isn’t too heavy on your wallet.

Since they run out easily, you’ll have to purchase more frequently. Try to make these frequent purchases as easy as possible by choosing an option you can comfortably afford. That way, you won’t have to worry about spending all of your budget on these supplements.

How and When to Drink Meal Replacement Shakes?

One of the most convenient things about pre-made meal replacement shakes is that you don’t have to worry about how to drink them. There’s no need to worry about serving sizes, scoops, extra ingredients, or anything. You need to grab a bottle and drink whenever you want.

The tough part is deciding when to drink these shakes. That said, it usually depends on your schedule. Lots of people prefer to take them at breakfast. That’s because mornings are usually the biggest time of day since everyone is busy and trying to get to their jobs.

So, many people tend to take a bottle of these shakes and drink them on the go when they’re too busy. Similarly, you can decide when to drink it depending on your schedule. See which meal in the day causes you the most trouble, and replace it with these shakes!

Powder vs Ready to Drink – Differences

Many people aren’t entirely sure what the differences between powdered and ready-to-drink meal replacement drinks are. That said, it’s quite simple. The main and biggest distinction between the two is that one is already made, while the other isn’t.

With pre-made shakes, you just have to grab a bottle and drink. But, with powders, you can do various things. For example, you can add them to different recipes. You can add multiple ingredients of your own into the mix and do much more of the sort.

But then you have to worry about serving sizes and deciding how many scoops are right for you. With ready-made shakes, that isn’t an issue. You don’t have to worry about any of the math. Just grab a container and drink whenever you want. It’s as simple as that!

RTDs vs Meal Bars – Differences

RTDs vs Meal-Bars

Similar to a meal replacement shake, there are also meal replacement bars. Like shakes help you fill up and get nutrition by drinking them, bars do the same thing. The only key difference is that you eat them instead of drinking them up.

Ready-to-drink meal shakes, and meal bars are pretty similar in terms of convenience. You can take them anywhere and get nutrition on the go. But, the ready-to-drink shake is better for those that can’t chew because of dental issues or any other reasons.

Shakes also have many more flavors, and it’s easier to alter them to your liking. On top of that, they help with hydration too, which is another big bonus. But, bars require less space and time to eat. You can easily fit them in your pocket and eat one in a few moments.

So, cutting it short, there are certain advantages to them both. The biggest difference is that one is a liquid, and the other is solid. They both serve the same purpose. It comes down to personal preferences and needs as to which one is the better option.

Here’s a complete guide on Meal Replacement Shakes vs Bars, if this information is not enough.

Advantages and Disadvantages of RTD Meal Replacement Shakes

Speaking of all these differences and traits, it’s also important to know what ready-to-drink shakes have to offer. That said, here’s a rundown of all of their most important pros and cons that you should know more about before making them a part of your diet:


The biggest advantage these shakes have to offer is just how convenient they are. They’re all ready-to-drink, and you can take them anywhere. There’s no need to worry about any preparation. Just crack a bottle open and drink it in!
Unlike powdered meal shakes, you don’t have to worry about any math with pre-made ones. That’s because all the serving sizes and nutrition are already decided and put in front of you in one convenient bottle, which you can drink without any worries.
When you can’t rely on anything else, you can always rely on these shakes. They’re ideal sources of nutrition that you can grab and drink from at any time. They give you all the benefits that an entire meal would, making them reliable and helpful.
They can help you with weight loss. One of the biggest advantages these shakes offer is that they’re exceptional for anyone looking to lose weight. That’s because they don’t have as many calories as entire meals and offer lots of protein.


Since they’re all packed and prepared, you can’t add any of your ingredients to premade shakes. This means that you can’t adjust the taste or nutritional value of the supplement at all and will usually have to drink it as it is.
Another big disadvantage that many people might be wary of is that these shakes tend to be more expensive than powdered ones. That’s not necessarily always the case, but, indeed, they’re sometimes more costly.
Ready-to-drink shakes are more prone to having artificial ingredients in them. That’s because manufacturers tend to focus heavily on their taste, and they use sugars or artificial additions to help with this.


That’s all we have to share about the best ready-to-drink meal replacement shakes out there. Each of the options above is the best you’ll be able to find, and they’re all exceptional in their way. Now it’s just up to you to pick the one you like most.

Our number one pick is the variety offered by Sated. It’s a well-rounded selection that comes with enough options for anyone to get what they’re looking for. You’ll surely love what they have to offer as well!

Regardless of which one you choose, though, we’re sure you’ll have no troubles as long as you listen to our tips. Just remember what we’ve said and the products we’ve mentioned. After that, you’ll be able to find the best RTD meal replacement shake in no time! 


Ingredient quality




Overall Score


Convenience at its best. You can replace a whole meal on the go
Ideal option for keto dieters
Free of everything artificial
Non-GMO and Gluten Free
Get the BEST PRICE until the end of October
Just one flavor
Not safe for those with lactose-intolerance


  1. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3198517/

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