9 Best Meal Replacement Shakes Without Artificial Sweeteners

9 Best Meal Replacement Shakes Without Artificial Sweeteners


Last Updated on October, 2022

A meal replacement shake is one of the best things for usually busy people. That’s because they’re easy to manage and make on the go, like a protein shake. On top of that, they’re great for our body too, helping us with our nutrient intake. 

That’s because meal replacements come filled with many essential nutrients, healthy fats, and more. This also includes different types of protein, such as whey protein, plant-based protein, pea protein, grass fed whey protein, and more. You’ll also find amino acids, digestive enzymes, and other great things.

The meal replacement supplements are a healthy way of dealing with food cravings and saving time. But, some use artificial flavors and sweeteners. These can be bad for your body, which is why it’s vital to find best meal replacement shakes without artificial sweeteners.

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9 Best Meal Replacement Shakes Without Artificial Sweeteners

If you’re looking to get a meal replacement drink that doesn’t use a single artificial sweetener, you’ll be happy to know that there are many options. Every product we’re about to mention is one of the best meal replacement powders without artificial sweeteners.

Keep reading to learn more about each meal replacement shake, along with what they’re good for and what they can help you with. We’ll be going into detail about each one, including what makes them the best meal replacements for you:

1. Transparent Labs Meal Replacement Shake

Up first on this list of meal replacement shakes without artificial sweeteners is the Transparent Labs MRP. Relatively new to the market, this shake has made quite a name for itself. The main reason being is the way this shake has been made.

No fillers, cheap creamers, artificial sweeteners, preservatives or ingredients; it’s completely natural. Not only does it steer clear from everything artificial, but there’s also no gluten and soy either. And not to mention that it’s Non-GMO too.

However, that’s just half of the story. 

The Transparent Labs MRP is one of the well-rounded meal replacements out on the market right now. It literally checks all of the boxes and provides the shake that keeps you full for a very long time. 

Speaking of full, this shake really is incredibly satiating. That’s because of the stellar protein source present. 

Transparent Labs MRP features 24 grams of instantized micellar casein. This is a slow-digesting protein that’ll, without a doubt, keep you full for longer, living up to its name ‘’meal replacement’’ perfectly.

But that’s not it; Transparent Labs MRP serves perfectly in a lot of different ways. 

Apart from keeping you full, the shake is easy on the stomach too. Most meal replacement shakes tend to cause digestive discomfort, but not this. All thanks to the MCT oil present here.

However, there’s one more that’s probably the start of the show! Flaxseed. 

Flaxseed is loaded with nutrients and is one of the sources of omega 3 fatty acids. It is known to provide a variety of health benefits such as; protecting against cancer, decreasing blood pressure levels, aiding weight management and many more.

The shake is great in macros too. It’s got 19g of carbs,7g of fat and, as mentioned already, 24g of protein. Calorie wise, the shake has 220, which is great if you’re looking to shed pounds but not so much if you’re to gain weight. 

Taste is also a place where the Transparent Labs MRP shines; you won’t be disappointed.

However, some might get disappointed with the flavor options though. There are just two; vanilla and chocolate, nothing else.


Easy on the stomach
Keeps you full for considerably longer
Great selection of ingredients
220 calories for easy weight loss
Non GMO plus soy and gluten free


Just two flavor options

2. Garden of Life Raw Organic

The Garden of Life Raw Organic meal replacement shake is another good option. It comes with everything you need from supplements such as these without any artificial additions. Every ingredient used is entirely natural and provides lots of nutrition. 

It features 20g of organic plant-based protein and around 21 minerals and vitamins from whole foods. This plant-based protein powder also has 10g of carbs and 2g fiber. There are 120 calories in each scoop, including only 2g fat and no added sugars. 

Garden of Life Raw Organic Meal

This shake is completely soy-free, and it’s free from dairy products. You can find it in 3 varying flavors. These include vanilla, chocolate, and a unique vanilla chai blend. All of these have decent taste, meaning you won’t have anything to complain about there.

On top of all these things, this dairy-free shake is loaded with probiotics and enzymes that are great for your body. It’s a relatively affordable option and one of the best ones out there without any artificial ingredients.


It’s soy-free and dairy-free
A great option for weight loss
Relatively affordable meal replacement


Features only plant-based protein

3. Orgain Organic

Another great organic option is the Orgain Organic meal replacement shake. It’s an ideal meal replacement for those that want to cut down on weight. That’s because it features only 4g of total fat but a good 21g of protein per serving.

Each serving consists of 2 scoops according to the package, and they hold about 150 calories. You’ll also find 2g of dietary fiber and around 15g of carbohydrates. Along with these nutrients, you’ll find iron, potassium, and calcium in this shake too.

Orgain Organic Superfood

One of the best things about this specific option is its reliability. It’s safe for most people, being certified non-GMO, certified USDA Organic, and suitable for vegans as well. Apart from the reassurance and great nutrition, it offers lots of variety in taste too.

You can find it in 8 tasty flavors. These include chocolate coconut, peanut butter, iced coffee, and many other great options. Even if you’re stingy with the things you eat and drink, there’s more than enough variety for you to find something you’ll like here.


Exceptional option for all vegans
Certified non-GMO & certified USDA Organic
Comes in 8 great flavors


Contains gums, which might harm some
Only 150 calories per serving

4. Ambronite Balanced Meal Shake

As the name suggests, up next is a well-balanced option ideal for most people looking to get meal replacement shakes without artificial sweeteners. The Ambronite Balanced Meal Shake is healthy and vegan-friendly.

It doesn’t feature gluten and holds 27 different food-based minerals and vitamins. There are many fibers in it that are great for your stomach and 20g vegan protein that’s great for losing weight and building muscles. It’s also free of dairy, GMOs, and even wheat. 

The meal shake itself can keep users full and energized for at least 4 hours after drinking a serving. Speaking of drinking it, you’ll have 3 flavor options to choose from. These options include berry, vanilla, and chocolate.

It also comes with helpful Omega3 and various healthy nutrients from natural ingredients. Since it offers decent nutrition and keeps you feeling full for so long, it’s an excellent option for those that want to avoid unhealthy snacking. 


Good texture and taste
Another suitable option for vegans
Ideal for dealing with bad eating habits


Some flavors might be too sweet


OWYN is a great meal replacement for those that want something healthy and safe. It’s got 20g of protein that comes from entirely natural and vegan sources. You’ll also find a blend of many superfoods and probiotics inside it.

One of the best things about this option is that it’s mostly suitable for everybody. Not only is it vegan, but you’ll also find it to be entirely safe for ketogenic and low-carb dieters. There are 140 calories in each scoop, but only 7g net carbs.

There aren’t any significant allergens either, meaning no soy, gluten, peanuts, eggs, dairy, and more. Despite that, it’s pretty healthy in every way. It also comes in two flavors. There isn’t much variety, but the chocolate and vanilla flavors are good.

It does have somewhat high sodium, though, so watch out for that. Generally speaking, it’s an excellent option with not many downsides. But, the bad news for some is that it’s only available in the US for now.


Free of all common allergens
Completely safe for vegans and keto dieters
Another good, affordable option


Only comes in two flavors
A bit high in sodium

6. Lyfe Fuel Essentials Nutrition Shake

One of the most convenient and healthy options on this list is Lyfe Fuel’s Essentials Nutrition Shake. It’s a safe and trustable option that comes with all the nutrition and reassurance you could want from a new meal replacement.

For starters, it uses 25 natural whole foods as a source of nutrition. You’ll also find 27 different minerals and vitamins inside, along with 18g protein. There are only 110 caloriesper serving. Whether you use a single scoop or two, the calories won’t be enough for replacing full meals.

though. It’s still an ideal snack for those looking to eat healthy, and it’s perfect for those on low-carb diets. That’s because there are only 3g net carbs. It provides lots of energy and helps with healthy weight loss simultaneously.

There are only two flavors available: the usual chocolate and vanilla. But, if the lack of variety alarms you, you’ll be happy to know it comes with a money-back guarantee!


Uses 25 various whole foods
Ideal snack for most people
Features a nice money-back guarantee


Only comes in two flavors
Can’t be used as a full meal replacement

7. HLTH Complete Meal

Speaking of low-carb diets, it’s no secret that they’re challenging to maintain. Most things are loaded with carbohydrates, and it’s tough to avoid them while enjoying a good, tasty meal at the same time. But that’s where the HLTH Complete Meal shake comes in.

These meal replacement shakes are loaded with everything you need to give yourself a big boost. First of all, they have 400 calories per serving. These include 27g of protein, along with only 13g total carbs, which is mainly 9g of dietary fiber that’s good for you.

Secondly, none of the ingredients includes any artificial additives or GMOs which could harm you. It also comes with 50% of the recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals you need to consume, meaning it’s a great source of nutrition for anyone.

It only comes in two flavors, but both are delicious in their own way. You’re sure to like one or the other. It’s a very beneficial option that we especially recommend to low-carb dieters.


400 calories make it ideal for replacing meals
Great taste and completely natural
An exceptional source of daily needed nutrition


Features extract from stevia leaves
Only two flavors to choose from

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8. Kate Farms Komplete

Sometimes even the convenience of an easy-to-make powdered meal replacement shake isn’t enough. For people that are always so busy, Kate Farms Komplete is one of the best meal replacement shakes without artificial sweeteners because of how ideal it is.

For starters, it’s completely organic and ready-made. The product itself is USDA organic and uses natural ingredients. It’s also vegan and offers three flavors. These include both chocolate and vanilla, as well as coffee.

Kate Farms Nutrition Shake

Since it’s ready-made, you can take it with you anywhere you want and drink it up within moments. There are no portions or anything to worry about, making everything so convenient for busy people who want to live healthier.

It uses many superfoods and other ideal ingredients as a base for anti-oxidants and nutrition. You’ll find 330 calories in it and 16g protein to go along with that. The only downside is that there are 18grams of sugars and 38g total carbs, which might be too much for some.


Organic and vegan friendly option
Highly convenient since it’s pre-made
Lots of calories on the go


Too much sugar and carbs for some
Can’t add your own ingredients in the mix

9. Ka’Chava

Ka’Chava is the final option we have to share. Just like all the other meal replacement shakes mentioned so far, it’s a good option with lots to love about it. The main attraction for this meal replacement is all of the benefits it has to offer and how safe it is.

It’s vegan-friendly, has no soy, no dairy, or gluten. It’s perfect for those looking to lose weight. The meal replacement shake comes loaded with 70 superfoods, all plant-based. It’s got omega3, probiotics, adaptogens, and lots more.


All of this totals up to 240 calories per serving. This makes the shake an exceptional option for those looking to try healthy snacks or those wanting to replace entire meals. There’s also 25g protein and 25g carbohydrates, accompanied by 7g sugar.

It’s a filling meal replacement shake that’ll keep you full for hours. It’s available in just two flavors, which are, of course, vanilla and chocolate. It’s an ideal option to finish off the list since it has a bit of everything for everyone.


Calories are good for snacking and meals
Vegan-friendly and minimal allergens
Contains 70 superfoods


Relatively expensive option
Available in only two flavors

What Are Artificial Sweeteners and How Do They Work?

Meal Replacement Shake Powder

Also known as sugar substitutes, artificial sweeteners are a chemical added to various foods and drinks. Much like natural sugar, artificial sweeteners make food taste sweet. (1)

However, it does so while reducing the total calories in a meal for those worried about calorie consumption.

Artificial sweeteners also help people manage their blood sugar. It’s a great thing for those that wish to lose weight. That’s because artificial sweeteners promote weight loss by kicking out fattening sugars from food supplements. That’s why they’re so common in meal replacement shakes. 

Natural sweeteners and artificial sweeteners taste so similar to real sugar because of their molecules. They’re similar enough for our taste buds not to be able to tell the difference but too different for the body to break them down into calories. 

That’s why artificial sweeteners are suitable for those that want to lose weight and avoid blood sugar spikes. But, they have various disadvantages if consumed regularly, which is why you should avoid them. (2)

Keep reading to learn more about artificial sweeteners.

Things to Consider Before Buying Meal Shakes Without Artificial Sweeteners

Meal Replacement Shakes without Artificial Sweeteners

Now that you know more about artificial sweeteners and the best meal replacement shakes without them, there’s one more important thing to understand. This refers to essential factors you should know about before buying these meal replacements. Following are said factors:

Right Ingredients

Remember that just because there aren’t any artificial sweeteners doesn’t make it a healthy meal replacement. You’ll have to watch out for some other potential ingredients too, so make sure that you choose right.

Keep your allergies and other similar matters in mind while buying a supplement. They all include several ingredients, and you don’t want some that’ll cause you medical issues. Contacting your doctor for help with choosing one might be a smart move if you have allergies.

Taste and Texture

While not everyone cares about their meal replacement shakes taste, some are very picky about it. So, if you want a shake without any artificial sweeteners, you’ll have to keep in mind that there aren’t many options that taste great.

Luckily, the ones we’ve mentioned use other, healthier means of providing good taste. Our reviews show that most of them are delicious without artificial sweeteners. This is an essential factor if you’re meant to drink the shakes regularly because bad taste might put you off.

Lots of Nutrition

Like plant-based protein powder or grass-fed whey protein powder, meal replacement shakes should provide lots of nutrition. This is not something you can miss out on with or without artificial sweeteners. A good amount of calories, protein, vitamins, fiber, all of it is vital.

A complete amino acid profile, whey protein concentrate, organic dietary fiber, and more are small but significant additions to your optimal health. Carefully examine your goals and find a meal replacement that provides you with all the nutrition you need accordingly.

Other Details

The rest are factors that depend more on you and your personal preferences than anything else. For example, whether or not the shake is vegan, kosher, or halal. Whether or not it has certain flavors. If it passes specific tests and more details such as those.

Accordingly, keep these in mind, as they’ll all be different depending on the person in question. Everyone has their own thing. All you have to do is carefully consider your goals and needs. Once that’s done, you’ll figure out what your thing is and how to find a shake based on that.

Advantages of Drinking Shakes Without Artificial Sweeteners

Man & Woman With Best Meal Replacement Shakes

It’s a lot better to drink shakes that don’t have a single artificial sweetener in them. If you’re looking to learn more about the reasons why this is the case, here’s a quick summary of the best ones:

  • It’s generally healthier. Artificial sweeteners and ingredients, in general, are heavily linked to lots of issues. But, shakes without them aren’t like that, as they provide lots of health benefits instead of putting you at risk.
  • They taste better. Shakes without these artificial additives taste much better. That’s because they use natural ingredients. While they taste the same at first, organic meal replacements leave a much better aftertaste in your mouth.
  • They’re better in the long term. Shakes that don’t have any artificial sweeteners or sugar substitutes will affect many things in your body, causing long term issues. If you avoid these, that won’t be something you have to worry about any longer.
  • You don’t have to worry about what’s right for you. Another bonus of meal replacement shakes that don’t use these artificial ingredients is that you don’t have to worry about what you’re allergic to, what’s safe for you, and what you should avoid.

Commonly Found Artificial Sweeteners In Meal Replacements

While all kinds of artificial sweeteners are used in protein powders and meal shakes, a few, in particular, are especially common. Here’s what each of these is and how they can affect your health if consumed regularly.

  • Aspartame: This is a popular sweetener linked with problems like nausea, headaches, and gut health issues. It’s also linked with more severe issues like Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and Parkinson’s.
  • Sucralose: A common artificial sweetener that you might’ve heard of is sucralose. It’s newer than most other options but already widely used in meal replacements. While its more significant effects are still being studied, it has been linked to weight gain.
  • Stevia: This is another sweetener that has lots of disadvantages. For starters, it can cause a bad aftertaste and some wind. But, this can grow into raging headaches and nausea down the line. (3)
  • Acesulfame K: Like sucralose, this is another option that still needs to be studied more. For now, we know that it can be responsible for headaches and nausea. Additionally, it’s even linked with depression in some cases. (4)
  • Saccharin: One of the oldest artificial sweeteners still being used today, saccharin is highly linked with problems like diabetes and obesity. This is understandable, as it’s several hundred times sweeter than natural sugar.

We do have a list of the best meal shakes without stevia reviewed on our site.

Effects of These Sweeteners and Reasons to Avoid Them

If you’re still not convinced about why consuming these artificial sweeteners is such a bad thing, there’s a lot more still to know. On top of all the dangerous side effects we mentioned above for each type of sugar substitutes, there are other ones.

For example, they’ve been linked with digestive issues on many occasions. These can be more minor things like some bloating or wind, but there can be full-blown problems in some cases. For example, some of these sweeteners might get caught inside the gastrointestinal tract. (5)

It can cause bloating, nausea, and severe digestive problems when that happens. Consuming them regularly also results in issues with the pancreas and can cause type 2 diabetes among some people. 

Along with that, it’s not good for weight loss either, which is one of its primary functions. It’s proven that regularly consuming these sweeteners ultimately results in problems with weight gain. That’s because they also cause issues with metabolism, which is vital for losing weight. (6)

Last but certainly not least, it’s been linked with bladder cancer and other variations of the deadly disease. We don’t have to point out just how bad these can be. So, there are more than enough reasons to avoid these ingredients and all things that have them. (7)

While it’s still safe to try them out now and then, they’re very harmful if consumed regularly. That’s why we recommend getting a meal replacement shake without artificial flavoring, as they’ll be much better for your health and taste better too.

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Famous Alternatives to An Artificial Sweetener

If you’re finally done making these sweeteners a part of your diet and want alternatives to them instead, you’ll be happy to know there are many delicious and healthy options. Here are some of the best ones that we recommend:

  • Honey: The first and perhaps the most obvious choice of them all is honey. It’s nature’s sweetest treat, and it also packs a nutritional punch. It’s a great and tasty addition to meal replacement shakes and promotes your gut’s health, but it is high in calories.
  • Brown Rice Syrup: This is another excellent and natural option that comes from brown rice. It’s thick and sugary, plus it adds great flavor to your meal. But, there haven’t been many studies made into its effects, so try this at your own risk.
  • Coconut Sugar: This is a very healthy option that is completely natural. Coconut sugar doesn’t cause issues with blood sugar, and since it’s always unrefined, it holds all of a coconut’s nutrients. But, it can cause problems for those looking to lose weight, so keep that in mind.
  • Maple Syrup: The final and very delicious option we recommend is maple syrup. It holds all kinds of oxidants, and it’s a great source of various minerals as well. But, it’s another sweetener high in calories, so avoid overeating it.


That’s all you need to know about meal replacement shakes without artificial sweeteners in them. As you can see, there are so many options for you to choose from, and we’ve compiled the best one in our list of reviews above. 

Read through all of them and decide which one is best for you according to your needs. Our top pick is Ample Original because of its balanced nutritional value, health benefits, and variety in taste. You can check that out or any of the other options.

As long as you listen to our advice and try out the options we listed, we can assure you that you won’t run into any problems! Just remember everything we’ve said about sweeteners and meal shakes, and you’ll do great at choosing the best option for yourself.

Transparent Labs
Transparent Labs MRP
Ingredient quality




Overall Score


Easy on the stomach
Keeps you full for considerably longer
Great selection of ingredients
220 calories for easy weight loss
Get the BEST PRICE until the end of October
Just two flavor options


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